Light up your beautiful property

Find landscape lighting design service in Rumson, Hazlet & Middletown, NJ

Bring your property to life after dark by adding the perfect lighting to your landscape. DreamScapes Landscaping, LLC will design your landscape lighting system to show off the best parts of your landscape. We'll tour the grounds with you and explain where we'll install the best types of lights to highlight your landscaping, buildings and property.

Take more pride in your property. Schedule landscape lighting installation for your Rumson, Hazlet & Middletown, NJ home or business today.

landscape lighting L.E.D and halogen in Hazlet, NJ

4 reasons to install showcase lighting

DreamScapes Landscaping can install uplighting, downlighting, flood and path lighting to enhance the best features of your landscape. Here are four reasons to install landscape lighting:

  1. Your landscape will look just as breathtaking at night as it does during the day.
  2. You'll improve the security of your home or business.
  3. You can highlight your favorite landscape features.
  4. You'll enhance the functionality of your home or business.

Hire us to install lights that will allow you to experience these benefits. Contact us today to get a quote on your landscaping project.