Get Synthetic Grass for Your Home or Office

Make lawn care easier with artificial turf in Rumson, Hazlet & Middletown, NJ

If you're tired of seed and sod, try artificial turf. Realistic, fine-bladed synthetic grass makes an excellent substitute for organic grass. It even comes with an underlaying tan thatch to give it a more natural look.

Dreamscapes Landscaping, LLC's artificial turf comes in a variety of grass types and colors. It's a great option for yards, parks, playgrounds and sports fields. Its beautiful, low-luster appearance perfectly mimics natural grass.

The synthetic grass we use was designed with pets in mind. It allows for water and pet waste to drain through to the ground below. Dog business can be scooped up, just like with a typical lawn, and you can simply hose off any remaining mess.

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Why you should choose artificial grass for your Hazlet & Middletown, NJ, NJ yard

Why you should choose artificial grass for your Hazlet & Middletown, NJ, NJ yard

Artificial grass looks and feels similar to natural grass, but it also has many benefits that natural grass lacks. For example, it always stays green and it never needs to be cut. You'll conserve water and save money on a sprinkler system when you install artificial grass on your Rumson, Hazlet & Middletown, NJ property.

You also have a lot to gain by choosing synthetic grass because:

  • Bugs aren't attracted to turf
  • Weeds won't grow on it
  • Rain won't overwater the lawn
  • You don't need fertilizer or pesticides
  • Artificial turf lasts a long time

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